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Play. Learn. Grow.


In September 2018, Tot Town LLC expanded operations and opened Creative Cuties Daycare, a fully licensed play-based program designed to provide an enriching and meaningful first learning and social experience for infants and young toddlers in an intimate setting. Thru play, exploration, music, movement, nature and arts and crafts, each child will be encouraged to learn about the world around them, discover new interests, make new friends and gain independence.  Our team works consistently to ensure that each child learns thru play and grows thru learning by implementing a developmentally appropriate program.

At Creative Cuties, we strive to create a diverse yet inclusive learning environment that upholds and celebrates the cultural traditions of all community inhabitants.

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We value the support we receive from our parent community

“I can’t recommend this enough. CC playgroup was our first experience dropping our daughter off and we could not be happier, she’s so excited to go and so proud of the artwork she brings home  . She asks to go every day . Thank you Nobella Parham for creating such a safe loving environment for our little ones!”

"I super recommend this playgroup too! 

It's has been a great first experience for my son to being cared for by someone else and interact with other children his age for a few hours. He loves Nobella and the new friends he's made there and talks about them all the time 😂 

Nobella is an awesome teacher; she prepares fun  developmentally appropriate activities for the kids and cover a number of learning areas through play. I'm amazed at how much my son has grown, the social skills he's gained and his development in general in just the last 3 months."

“As another family in the inaugural Creative Cuties group, I also highly recommend it.  When I heard that Nobella Parham, the owner of Tot Town, was starting her own playgroup which would evolve to a full daycare, I knew this would be perfect for our 1.5 year old.  I totally trust the environment which has been created and our son loves it.  He benefits greatly from the social interaction and learning opportunity both of which are critical at this age, before possibly joining a larger 3-K or pre-K.  Definitely check this out if you have a child of this age.  It is reasonably priced and high quality."


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